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Chris’ purpose is to co-develop psychologically healthy education systems alongside young people, families, professionals and creative thinkers. He started in education as a secondary school teacher and later trained as an Educational Psychologist. Chris developed a specialism in relation to Youth Justice, school exclusion and managed moves and practised as a specialist in a youth offending team for a number of years. Today, he works part-time for South Gloucestershire psychology service, primarily in a Secure Children’s Unit and Pupil Referral Unit. He also supervises doctorate research and lectures at The Institute of Education, UCL.

As Director of Research at States of Mind and in collaboration with UCL, Chris conducts participatory action research to gather young peoples’ insights and place their voices at the centre of education reform. States of Mind have recently launched the ‘Education Futures in Action’ movement which aims to bring together innovators who are actioning education environments that genuinely respond to the diverse needs of young people.


Chris is currently writing a book - 'Shadow Cultures and the tyranny of school and state'. It will explore the history of UK education, the deeply entrenched narratives that underpin today's system and ideas for evolution.


Over the years, Chris has contributed journal articles to Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Educational Psychology in Practice, alongside opinion pieces in media such as The Independent, Byline Times, The Psychologist and other publications. He has also appeared on numerous podcasts such as Agents of Hope and Teacher Hug Radio.

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