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Sixth-formers propose alternatives after generating data over the course of a four year action research project

The Guardian - Fiona Millar

June 2022


A proposed 50% cut of subsidies for arts courses risks excluding poorer students from the creative industries and represents an ongoing hostile takeover of education.

Byline Times - Chris Bagley

12 May 2021


An Exclusive English Myth

Byline Times - Chris Bagley

17 February 2021


Closures took place a week ago where I live, but staff, young people and parents are working together. Through collaboration and creativity, it is possible to emerge from this crisis stronger.

The Independent - Chris Bagley
19 March 2020

Distance Learning

One thing is abundantly clear: nobody is talking to them about the internet.

PsychReg - Chris Bagley
10 August 2019

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 11.32.29.png

The public consultation on the proposed changes to Ofsted’s inspection framework was not fit for purpose as far as gathering children and young people’s views, so through an innovative project, they wrote to Amanda Spielman directly.

Ed Psy - Chris Bagley
13 May 2019


The myth of individual freedom.

The Psychologist - Chris Bagley

24th May 2022

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

The Manufactured Terror of Lost Learning

Byline Times - Chris Bagley

25 March 2021


Dr Chris Bagley is an Educational Psychologist, and former teacher, based in South London schools. We heard from him about school exclusion and race - The Psychologist.

The Psychologist - Chris Bagley

1st May 2020

School Building

The government’s plan to expand alternative provision will only encourage unscrupulous schools to cleanse classes of underperforming students.

The Independent - Chris Bagley
18 Feburary 2020


We need to change the questions we are asking.

PsychReg - Chris Bagley
21 May 2019

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 11.35.49.png

Young people tell Ofsted that testing is causing 'panic attacks, feeling of anxiety, stress and sadly, a loss of interest in learning'.

TES - Dave Speck
5th April 2019

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